Zoopoxy for the creation of naturalistic - artificial--indoor or outdoor environments
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Zoopoxy by Polygem is committed  to providing a safe, non-toxic epoxy zoo mix of products for the creation of naturalistic artificial environments of extraordinary realism, functionality and breath-taking beauty.

Zoopoxy products can be utilized to create special effects for movies and TV commercials, restaurants, amusement parks, casinos, shopping centers, resorts, hotels, and more. We make Zoopoxy products to create point-of-purchase displays that hold the visitors interest.

Indoor or outdoor exhibits are constructed of Gunite, concrete, fiberglass or urethanes that can be easily maintained with Zoopoxy by Polygem. Please contact us at Polygem at 630.231.5600 from 7am- 4pm CST, or Dave at 630.346.4112 for after hours help. 

To purchase Zoopoxy products visit our Parent Company:  Polygem.com